August 03, 2020


Για όποιον έχει όρεξη να παρακολουθήσει ANIME στο NETFLIX. 

1. GANTZ:O (movie)
2. Kengan Ashura (2 seasons)
3. Ultraman (1 season)

September 20, 2016




September 09, 2016

Gmail Tips For Professionals

Shall I write a thousand-word essay about the inside of Gmail functions. Nope, not today.
You may have touched this before, but email handling is not an easy task, especially to professionals. After I had a couple of attempts with different mail clients, I have bitten the bullet. Gmail is free, accessible from anywhere and fun to ride.
So you wake up every morning and your gmail inbox has new mails, lots of different scope mails. What you should do then? Follow the NINE steps below and face the biggest challenge of new era... Inbox clutter.

1. Enable Gmail's coloured stars

2. Make labels
3. Set a colour for most important labels (in my case label = project + project's contacts)
4. Apply label to your new mails
5. This is the most important step... ARCHIVE the selected mails and inbox gets to zero.
6. Make a nested "Sent" label for all your Main Project Labels and archive any relevant mails sent from you.
7. Turn off Gmail’s conversation view
8. Mails need your attention for later reference, star them accordingly which means set the proper COLOUR. Next time you''re looking for this mail, just go to built-in Starred Label and voila...Colours make the difference, believe me.
9. Finally, mails need to be answered, mark them as important and seek for them under built-in Important Label.

So go ahead, use Gmail effortless because as a tool, which is what you want, after all, it’s impossible to better. And, thanks to the design philosophy that created it, there’s a lot of work coming your way very soon.

August 22, 2016

Scream Halloween Special Episode Spoiler

Right. Let's be clear on one thing straight away. If you believe that the new killer is Brandon James then, please, go for a drink on October 18th. Because what you should have is a killer from the existing cast. And that's the start of it. The only reason you might climb to your couch without yawning is that you don't want a howling, fire-breathing monster being the scary man. So if i had to choose the new killer, i would opt for Sheriff Acosta. He is the underdog and the one having easily access to the correctional institution system. Just think about it, who else could sneak in for a Halloween Jail Party? 

August 21, 2016

MotoGP VideoPass Airplay...Pricey but worth it

VideoPass, perhaps one of my hottest apps installed in my ios devices. Expensive but rather brilliant. Chiefly for its video quality, archive and many more, matches Apple's cheeky charm standards.
When it comes to Air-playing it, just remember, NOT TO MIRROR, otherwise you will get no voice and no orientation change to your TV set connected to apple TV.   

Chrome is under attack by Google...

Well i cannot believe that Google is dialling out the Chrome store in favour of Chrome OS tout. But who cares when you have so many options to hurl about. Do not panic but it's time to focus on effervescent Chrome rivals and its universe.
Actions will be in phases, starting in late 2016 and concluding in early 2018, where users on any platforms, except Chrome OS, will no longer be able to load Chrome apps.

August 11, 2016

Scream frenzy

Ok guys, we approach SCREAM finale and the serial killer is about to explode. MTV has already staged the polls and voila, KIERAN is the mad man hanging around with BRANDON JAMES mask.
To be honest I wanted to be someone else, but unfortunately this is the guy that you don't want to mess with. There are three things that definitely cannot stay without feedback. 

First point
The suicide maniac is tall and strong. No offence to ladies but you need muscular strength to lift bodies in a "Silence of Lambs "form (episode 9). Besides that, Miss Lang Attack was undertaken by a person at least matching Kieran's height. Sorry MTV producers but we all saw that mad man is not a dwarf.

Second point
Tom Cruise is the master of disguise and in M.I 2 he has muffled the bad guy with a mask of his own like Kieran did within funhouse at the carnival (episode 8).

Third point
In the last episode, Maggie has received a call from Kieran discussing Emma's venture to the pig farm. The perfect snitch don't you think?